What Circulania offers you

Circulania is the platform for the industrial Circular Economy. Here, you can

  • sell and buy by-products as Secondary Raw Materials,
  • find and create new supply and value chains for by-products with your ideas or
  • just discuss daily business and new applications with the industrial Circular Economy community.

Entering the land of Circulania is free of charge for everybody, who wants to contribute to the Circular Economy. Infrastructure is provided for free – we earn on adding actual value to businesses.

Circulania offers the first marketplace to make Secondary Raw Materials comparable to primary raw materials.Real market prices are permanently determined through actual offer and demand. This enables transparent market processes and continuous re-design of value chains to reach the most valuable application for by-products.

Circulania also includes the place to meet the community of industrial Circular Economy players, to inform about products and markets, exchange thoughts and develop new ideas and business opportunities. (Will be announced in early 2020)

Thus, we support the reduction of Europe’s dependency on raw material imports and facilitate the development of a dynamic industrial Circular Economy.

And the best is, the land of Circulania is growing, sustainably. We are always working on new functions and ideas to give our users a competitive edge in the upcoming new world of Circular Economy.

Register for free at our marketplace or just write us about your needs, ideas, questions or feedback.

Who is Circulania

Friedrich Fries-Henrich
Co-Founder and CEO

Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Fries-HenrichDipl.-Ing. Friedrich Fries-Henrich

Interim manager, consultant, digital business enthusiast, and believer in wealth + nature = ♥

“Simple facts: We overuse our planet. Right now we have to stop linear consumption – and linear production. Doing so Europe could lead the way towards a thriving circular society.”

Friedrich likes visionary thinking, repairing, digital platforms, nature-related activities, changing paradigms and the idea of a (circular) biorefinery.

Claus Pels-Leusden
Co-Founder and Director Business Development

Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Fries-HenrichDipl.-Ing. Claus Pels-Leusden

Mining engineer by heart, partner at HR consultancy, process connector and passionate about meeting interesting people

“Looking at industrial carbon dioxide emissions, we should start exploiting our already existing options.”


Claus likes developing businesses around the raw materials sector and discussing new products or applications. When he is not cycling or traveling through France, he searches and finds metallurgy and engineering experts or managers.