Platform for Alternative RAW MATERIALS

We believe in the value of every material.

That is why we are developing the best value streams
to create the materials your need from circular materials.

Artboard 1 Transportation Fast delivery is committed. Within a week after order confirmation and our after sales process is strictly followed to track measures of customer      satisfaction. Sales Online sales or auction is done according to VA specifications. Market surveillance and check,   investigation on possible       price level increase. Price Estimation W e will f ocus on the precision of the investigation by making it feasible for all values analyzed to satisfy approved guidelines. The calculation will be done   utilizing market research.  Quality   Assurance Our highly expert team will evaluate the performance of the product. We routinely review input and feedback from our clients to improve our products and processes. Producers By-prodcut manufacturers are the industries that produce materials which is not extremely useful for them.  Registration By-product producers will have to register themselves with Circulania along with their   product and quantity. Circulania Assistance Circulania will make an intensive analysis of your material, proposal for specific measures, calculation, and verification of the results with the current market.


And we enjoy to see the
successes on the way!


We circulate materials

Moving into the future, we strive to re-use all industrial by-products and wastes. It works by arranging old and new processing methods together with necessary services to deliver high-quality materials to your doorsteps.


As the world experiences increasing short-term and mid-term global supply chain disruptions, Circulania provides compensation by using the materials already present in our countries and industrial cycles. Doing so, we develop an industrial Circular Economy – a huge endeavour for commercial, environmental and societal benefits.


Yes, we connect industries and enable optimized recycling between them –  an unprecedented effort which is overdue for long.

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