Circulania at a glance

The platform for the industrial Circular Economy

We make used materials visible and digitally available by taking them online. Furthermore, we find purposes for these materials by creating new supply and value chains. The result: An industrial Circular Economy.

We are so passionate about total material recycling since we have realized some simple facts:

    • Europe highly depends on material imports
    • Most materials come from a few countries with extreme market dominance
    • Mining and processing of some minerals and metals emits high volumes of greenhouse gases (GHG). Recycling and re-using reduces such emissions by 50-90 % for the same material
    • To landfill or to burn valuable materials is commercially unreasonable
    • And most important: We despise squandering😉

As a network, we support R&D departments by choosing the best (secondary) material from the very beginning.

We work together with Sales and Production teams by creating new materials that benefit production processes and customer needs.

And the ultimate challenge:

Circular Economy must be profitable.

That is why all materials we create need to be competitive in quality and price to their primary material peer. And according to our business partners, that is the case.

Our Vision

Circulania is leading the change to a self-sustaining economy,

where all materials are flowing

from one purpose to another without being discarded.

We call this industrial Circular Economy, which is only possible if we optimize material use across different industries, if we merge all industries to one Material Ecosystem.