Who we are

Claus was selling raw materials which we all use everyday, some composed of primary raw materials and by-products from other industries.


Friedrich should buy these by-products, but he could not find sellers, prices or qualities online. He did not like to buy something he does not know and cannot compare.


Claus and Friedrich spent a lot of time to discuss why some markets for secondary materials are invisible how bad that is for the industries to pay for disposal of materials which can be used elsewhere.


In 2019, Friedrich presented on German industry conference „Handelsblatt Zukunft Stahl“ the idea to offer all industrial by-products and wastes on one marketplace and let the market find appropriate prices. The feedback was overwhelming, and here we are.


Since then, we travelled a lot, discussed a lot, learnt even more and changed Circulania a lot to be able to take materials as they are and find a way to refine them in the way companies need them, as easy as possible.


And by doing so, we

    1. reduce carbon dioxide emissions,
    2. reduce waste,
    3. improve profitability of companies,
    4. support Europe’s raw material independence and
    5. stop to waste beautiful materials.


We believe in a prosperous and sustainable future. And in a transition that can start right now. Actually, it has already started. 😉