New Material Scouting

Spare materials

We are always interested in learning about new materials, whether by-products or wastes. During an open discussion we develop new solutions for these materials. The process is

  1. You let us know about a material you have and which current situation you like to improve.
  2. After discussing the available information with you, we need a chemical analysis and a sample of the material (you can comfortably order a standard chemical analysis via our marketplace).
  3. We scout any potential solution and start to verify them with each participant of a new supply chain up to potential customers.
  4. Whether you want to do this new business in your company or just to let us handle the supply and other risks, we start sending out samples, prepare pilot deliveries and after phase-up to a constant delivery of all your new material.

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Material demands

Looking for sourcing alternatives?

Many companies recently suffered a sudden default of single sourcing from a not-so-stable-anymore supplier, country or material. So we are constantly looking for (and finding) alternative sources or even alternative materials, ultimately focusing on the purpose and production features instead of brand names or specifications.

What do you need?